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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I didn't say they were at the top. But Google doesn't gather information just to sell it to someone who would then sell it to Facebook or Yahoo. Besides, you're focusing on pretty much the least invasive angle on this. It's not just about your personal preferences The real crime of it is in monitoring of correspondence where there's an expectation (legal and otherwise) of privacy. Email? Skype? Complete phone records?
None of that has been protected for a LONG time (in some cases never). You are seriously behind the times here bub.

Phone records? Declared public records a long time ago (not content, but records of calls which is what is being collected)

Email records (including full text)? Only considered "private" for a very limited amount of time (180 days), and only if you haven't read it yet, and then completely unprotected. Completely outdated and useless "protection", even if you don't use "webmail" (SMTP and POP servers quite regularly store emails much, much longer than that)

Skype? LMAO not private at all -- just like any other service provided by Microsoft, etc.

The only way to be even remotely "private" on the internet is to encrypt everything with 3rd party encryption -- and even then it's still trivial to determine the type of information the government is collecting here (i.e. who you're talking to) because you can't encrypt that.

Like I said, if any Company (or Republican) in the world were surreptitiously mining that information in transit, you'd want people thrown in jail.
Like it or not, it's "legal", and all parties are involved. I'm personally just hoping that after the dust settles and all the selective, politically motivated angst stops that people remain aware of the core problem. I don't hold out too much hope. They pretty much dropped their pants and waved their collective wang at us in 2001 and no one gave a sh*t.

There are alternatives to using webmail. Or Skype. Search would be difficult, but as I said, that's the least of our concerns with this cluster****.
The only way to avoid the invasion of your privacy, in either case, is to avoid using technology of any sort. Internet, non-cash transactions, etc.

The blind eye you want to turn to private industry on this matter is very telling. Who cares if Microsoft, etc. are all invading your privacy, it's not like it's the government doing it!

oh wait....
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