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Ahh. Naivete. The most value for all the data collected about you is if it is combined. What did you search for on google & what did you like on facebook is a whole lot more valuable than just what you liked or just what you searched for.

That I searched for a The China Study the other day on google doesn't mean I'll buy the book, but if I also post about it on facebook, the odds of me being a potential customer get a lot higher.

You seem to thing Google, et al. are at the top of the data mining food chain.... they aren't.
I didn't say they were at the top. But Google doesn't gather information just to sell it to someone who would then sell it to Facebook or Yahoo. Besides, you're focusing on pretty much the least invasive angle on this. It's not just about your personal preferences The real crime of it is in monitoring of correspondence where there's an expectation (legal and otherwise) of privacy. Email? Skype? Complete phone records?

Like I said, if any Company (or Republican) in the world were surreptitiously mining that information in transit, you'd want people thrown in jail.

There are no alternatives on the internet. Every company on the internet is leveraging your information -- even those that traditionally make money more directly like Amazon and Apple.

And more than that, even 'real world' businesses are in the game. How many 'club' cards to you have? Will you know your daughter's pregnant before Target does?
There are alternatives to using webmail. Or Skype. Search would be difficult, but as I said, that's the least of our concerns with this cluster****.

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