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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Bull****. Facebook makes money by knowing things about you other people don't know. They sell bits and chunks of it to people with a way to earn a return (from you) in response to what they've learned. At the end of the day their models usually have to provide you some kind of value for your information to be worth anything to them.

But Facebook does not just sell it's database to Google. And Google has no interest in sharing everything it knows about you with Facebook. Because they're competitors and their control of that information is their whole business.
Ahh. Naivete. The most value for all the data collected about you is if it is combined. What did you search for on google & what did you like on facebook is a whole lot more valuable than just what you liked or just what you searched for.

That I searched for a The China Study the other day on google doesn't mean I'll buy the book, but if I also post about it on facebook, the odds of me being a potential customer get a lot higher.

You seem to thing Google, et al. are at the top of the data mining food chain.... they aren't.

Oh and, again, if you don't like what a company does with your info, you usually have alternatives. Not true with your all seeing government.
There are no alternatives on the internet. Every company on the internet is leveraging your information -- even those that traditionally make money more directly like Amazon and Apple.

And more than that, even 'real world' businesses are in the game. How many 'club' cards to you have? Will you know your daughter's pregnant before Target does?

LMAO yeah just yawn it away. Did you really not expect the things in the PATRIOT act to actually be used?
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