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you say this....

And then demonstrate that you are actually quite clueless (big surprise there!). Who do you think Google's, Facebook's, Microsoft's, etc. biggest clients are? They all sell their information to the same data mining companies AND each other. That's how they make their money.
Bull****. Facebook makes money by knowing things about you other people don't know. They sell bits and chunks of it to people with a way to earn a return (from you) in response to what they've learned. At the end of the day their models usually have to provide you some kind of value for your information to be worth anything to them.

But Facebook does not just sell it's database to Google. And Google has no interest in sharing everything it knows about you with Facebook. Because they're competitors and their control of that information is their whole business.

Oh and, again, if you don't like what a company does with your info, you usually have alternatives. Not true with your all seeing government.

It's 'leaking' now because certain interests find it politically useful. It's no secret that the government is doing this. They have been for decades, and 12 years ago they came right out and said they were (see: PATRIOT Act), and nearly everyone was quite happy for it because it was "saving them from the evil Moooooslims!).
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