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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I'm more than aware of what's possible,
you say this....

as I said, company by company. But Facebook doesn't go out of its way to share user info with Google. Or Comcast. None of them likely have any idea what goes on inside your banking account. Or who you called from your landline last night. Or what were in those bachelor party photos you 'privately' shared on Flickr.
And then demonstrate that you are actually quite clueless (big surprise there!). Who do you think Google's, Facebook's, Microsoft's, etc. biggest clients are? They all sell their information to the same data mining companies AND each other. That's how they make their money.

Companies want a complete picture of you just as much as the government -- and they are likely a whole lot better at it than the government.

Combine all of that, with the click of a mouse, under the authority of a group of people who have a perpetual vested interest in suppressing and silencing nearly half of the voting population.
That's been the case for decades my ignorant fiend. Again, see ECHELON. The only change is they now don't have to work as hard to get the data, as people willingly supply it now.

What you're missing is that yes, if your government really really wanted to find all of this out about you, they could do it. But you and I (under the 'old' system) really weren't worth the amount of effort and fuss that would've required. Under Prism, this could be taken care of for you and a million of your buddies with a trivial amount of effort.
Actually, in many ways collecting data this was is more difficult. Ever tried to build a useful database to store and sift through trillions of data points?

This system came online in 2007. No doubt it was in development for a long, long time before that.

Excellent read, if you have any interest. And some great questions asked. Why is all of this leaking out now? Have some of the insiders seen enough that they're starting to realize how far this leads, and they're getting cold feet?
It's 'leaking' now because certain interests find it politically useful. It's no secret that the government is doing this. They have been for decades, and 12 years ago they came right out and said they were (see: PATRIOT Act), and nearly everyone was quite happy for it because it was "saving them from the evil Moooooslims!).
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