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Originally Posted by txtebow View Post
Considering that Whites were ~90% of the population in 1970 and you admit that IT WAS A PROPEROUS TIME FOR THEM, we finally have reached an agreement about the Zenith of America when you take into account our standing on the world stage post WW2 and the incredible growth of the middle class post WW2 up until the globalization of coporations who then began to move manufacturing off shore.......

Wags also totally ignores the state of blacks and women in America today. sure we are now all on the same boat except most blacks are in steerage. The boat is leaking heavily and we all are sinking except a few in first class that have managed to move off shore in their own special boat and they took all the treasure with them. Another thing not considered by Wags is those that have moved off the sinking boat are still siphoning off energy hastening the sinking of the once grand ship.
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