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Pat Bowlen

Cutler: I used to hate him because he lied to get out of down. Now he's a douche, but he's totally unapologetic about it. His whole schtick, from the fake cig to mullet costume and of course "dooooooooonnnn't caaaarrrrreeee" have made him charming. A douche still, but a charming douche.

Gay Marriage: I didn't like that the homosexual community was changing what it was. I really believe marriage is between a man and a woman. But I think this is an area we should just let people do what they want. If two consenting adults want to marry someone, that's their business. I'm not advocating force allowing it everywhere, but I think the states should decide.

My religion: Most of the reasons I followed my religion were largely spiritual and rooted in what it gave me that way on a purely personal level. Now with a child and an environment that teaches moral values and provides activities for toddlers up to 18 year olds, I am more happy about the practical applications that it affords.

Dining out: I can cook better than most of the restaurants out there and save myself at least half the money. We'll still go out sometimes, but I cook a lot of my own food now.
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