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Look at every other elite team - Detroit and Pittsburgh went to consecutive finals, and Pittsburgh were back in the ECF this year. Boston went to 2 finals in the last 3 years, LA went to the finals last year and this year the WCF. Going twice in 4 years is really nothing special. Add to the players they are losing a pretty pathetic prospect group and Chicago could be back on the outside looking in for another few years which is just not what the elite teams do.
The same can be said for last time. They lost more key players then they will this time. Ladd, Byfuglien, Niemi, Brouwer, and Versteeg.

I'm not too worried about their "pathetic" prospect group. They've done pretty well drafting the past few years (ie Saad, Shaw). I'd be more worried about your Wings looking in from the outside than I am the 'Hawks.
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