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Ty Lawson

Originally Posted by misturanderson View Post
Yes. Like their current mascot, a hawk. Though they are still called the pioneers. Nowhere in that article is there any mention of changing the name from Pioneers, just that they want a new mascot because nobody likes the hawk.
You may be right, I'm not sure. I re-read the article and saw this line:

Chancellor Robert Coombe in March announced that Boone will not be considered by a steering committee that has identified an elk, a jackalope and a mountaineer as finalists for a new mascot.
So now I'm confused. As long we're still called the DU Pioneers, I'm fine. If we become the DU Elk, etc, I will be pretty upset. If it's purely a mascot thing, they can trot Dinger out there for all I care. But the name is pretty important to me.
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