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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
A few teams are in real trouble this offseason. Vancouver even if they manage to unload Luongo they won't be able to field a full roster. I am assuming they will unload at least one of their 4+ million defenders - Ballard is the only one without a no-trade clause and is an obvious candidate - Edler I believe is the only one who is going to be off-limits. At forward they have 5 guys making at least 4 million and 2 of them are not playing like it, Burrows and Booth. I don't think they can move Burrows even if they tried.

My best guess for the Canucks would be trading away Booth, Hamhuis and Bieksa. I believe both Bieksa and Hamhuis could bring decent returns in a very shallow d-man free agency year and while Booth will only bring a bag of pucks and a roll of duct tape getting rid of his salary is a necessity.

Tampa Bay is another team nestled right up against the cap with several empty roster spots to fill and not enough cash to do it. The obvious choice would be a compliance buyout of Lecavalier, that however would cost a ton of dough and if he runs off to a good team in the east and has success it could look like a real career killer for Yzerman. My best guess is that they do nothing major unless they can talk Ryan Malone into waiving his no trade clause and talk a team into taking Ryan Malone, while he has been a decent player he has not been able to stay healthy.

The Blackhawks are another team who will be undergoing some roster changes. They are right up against the cap and they need to either retain Emery or add another backup goalie. They are fine on defense and do not actually need to add anyone there, but on offense they will be losing Handzus, Bickell and Stalberg who have all contributed during these playoffs and they need to resign Kruger who is a key checking center. Ultimately getting rid of Frolik would help and there is an outside chance they take a look at buying out Hossa - or possibly send him packing. After all they were able to trade Brian Campbell and his untradeable contract.

San Jose is the last team who have to make some really interesting decisions. While they have a fair bit of space under the cap they also have a LOT of players with expiring contracts and need to either retain or sign a lot of players to field a roster. Adding to that almost all of their players are on the last year of their contracts and the team really needs to decide where to go.
Chicago will be fine. they know how to retool.
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