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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
It's weird that their pitching has been good and their hitting hasn't.
I think that is a pretty infrequent event. They are near the top in most offensive categories, both as a team & individually. The pitching has been hit or miss. I think last nights 10-9 win over San Diego is really exemplar of who they are this year. They were up 9-3 in that game, IIRC. But they held it together and won it in the bottom of the ninth. Speaking of the bottom of the 9th, that Arenado kid looks like he is gonna be something special.

Getting back to the original premise of the thread. I think the Rox are good enough to finish 5 to 10 games over .500 this year and challenge for the NL West championship.
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