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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
I don't believe they "cut it off". What I've heard is it's easier for a man to become a woman because they take the "stuffing" out of the penis and put it up inside to become the vagina. But I've often wondered about peeing, maybe some kind of reroute?
They basically make it the same as a vagina. You'll pee just like a woman too. Even looks the same for the most part. Difference is, with a penile inversion there's no self lubrication like in a natural vagina. Some people will have part of their colon used for SRS to create a self-lubricating vagina, but at the loss of pleasure center nerves. You also have to dilate for the rest of your life or your vagina will lose depth. The entire surgery is kind of crazy to watch. Makes abdominoplasty and other plastic surgeries look like a joke.

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Also, don't go there if blood scares you, etc.
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