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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
From a management point of view him starting in the minors for contract point of view make sense. I don't think anyone saw Kemp struggling so much recovering from his injury and Ethier pretty much not caring anymore (from my point of view). My only hope is Ethier can be moved for someone like Aramis Ramirez to bridge the gap till Corey Seager is ready. They need to move someone to keep Puig up. That is the only way LA can climb back into the NL West race IMO.
Man I remember back when the Dodgers signed Ethier to that extension and thinking how stupid it was, mainly due to slightly overpaying. And now he has bottomed out.

As for Puig, geez lets give the kid some more time to determine the decision. Kevin Maas? Shane Spencer?
NL West has always been weird the last few years. A team suddenly wins out of nowhere. DBacks are winning with basically great bullpen pitching and decent starting rotation. Rockies have a great lineup, but questionable pitching. Giants have a decent offense, great bullpen, but kinda iffy SP at the moment. Dodgers have had injuries and guys not stepping up, and well the Padres are...the Padres.
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