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Watermock - RIP

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
I think when we had Conklins "team" all secretly working for me and then voted him off.

...that was hilarious.

Not as funny as the bloody nose and you "trying to kill" someone, though. That was the funniest.
Conklin was more fun because it was a big game play and he was trying to play the game hard at the same time.

The bloody nose was funny because of how angry people got at a silly game, but was more an instantaneous reaction as a result of one back stabbing move. The player was a hard charging player as well, but it wasn't as satisfying as the combined strategy we used on Conklin.

I laugh about the bloody nose more often though. It was one of the most surreal exchanges I have ever been a part of!

Ah Survivor! I hope JCM and I can do half the job Old Dude did in his years.
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