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Originally Posted by rugbythug View Post
Whether your happy or not depends on whether you are happy or not decide.

Cutting off your dick, arm, implanting horns, tattooing your face like a tiger. These are all external focuses of a internal problem. Removing parts of your body or tacking some on does not make you a different person.
To many people externalizing an internal feeling or belief brings about happiness. While many may not understand such externalizing of any sort be it sex change, plastic surgery, self decoration each individual is different in what they believe and feel will make them happy.

And yes, a change of appearance does make you a different person. Picture a morbidly obese person who worked to be skinny and finally does it. That person is then confident, happy and proud of their accomplishment. Now in the case of.this SEAL, her outward appearance now reflects her inner belief of who she has always been. There is a change in the person who can finally be who they have always wanted to be.
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