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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
At a Superman movie? What the crap are you expecting? News Flash: Gratuitous Super Hero movies don't win Oscars.

Go see Wish You Were Here or Mud if you want something cerebral.

People who go to action/adventure movies and complain the movie isn't deep enough or too formulaic for them need to be castrated.
Overreact much? Hollywood has the money to hire writers. They just don't see any need. The weasels can slap together another comic book movie, rake in a few hundred mil, and nobody is the wiser. Great writing is an investment Hollywood doesn't have to make because nobody demands it. The cattle will show up and munch their popcorn while meaningful art is eradicated from the medium in the interests of quick profit.

Shakespeare took the icons of his day, kings, and moved their mundane stories to a whole different level. The people were entertained, because he gave them what they wanted (sword fights) and yet poetry and the human story at its most profound were put on the stage. In case nobody has noticed, all we're getting anymore are "gratuitous super hero movies." Where are the great stories of our time?

Writing: The dying art.
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