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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
It's interesting to think about what the Right might want, isn't it? We know they want to tear down our government and are doing everything in their power to destroy it. I guess an apt analogy would be, maybe they can't shut down the engine directly, but they can certainly keep putting sand in the gas tank until it fails. And then what?

We can suss out the government they would like by simply following their agenda. No taxes on corporations. No estate taxes. No capital gains taxes. (The incomes of the rich have gone up by 60% over the last two decades already. Who knows where these tax policies would lead?) Totally uncontrolled banksters. Uncontrolled corporations. Shut down Fed. No social programs. Healthcare completely left to the discretion of the insurance corporations without government intervention. Medicare and Social Security shut down. Medicaid gone. No EPA. No federal education program, other than making sure the Bible is part of the curriculum. No gay marriage. No immigration. The war on drugs goes on and on and on. America goes into Syria. What else would they like?
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