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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
It's clear you don't understand the nature of bias. It's not generally about terrible vs great. It's about agendas and focus.

Anyway, sources who normally share your view are joining the bipartisan chorus while you bury your head in the sand. It only serves to illustrate how completely at the margins you are with your excusemaking and denialism.

If someone used right-leaning sources, you'd discredit them. So they use your 'gold standard' sources, so you say "How dare you!" In essence, you're really just locking yourself in a dark closet and plugging your ears.
If Hitler says, "2+2=4," that statement is true regardless of the ignominy of the source. Saying "Hitler is an evil a-hole" is irrelevant to the validity of the statement itself. You typing a smiley and making smart-ass comments about a particular source does nothing to discredit the argument. Like when righties pretend to have discredited global warming because Al Gore flew on a jet. Al Gore's lifestyle is immaterial to the validity of his argument. To be fair, you get this from the left too when they laugh at Fox News or The Weekly Standard. I'm sure you can find posts of mine where I've done the same. But it's a fallacy to do so. Address the argument, or it's safe to assume you don't know how to.
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