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i am not that concerned with coverage skills. i like the idea of putting him in the box like Lynch and Dawkins did and let him blow up runners. he is one of the very best pure tacklers on the roster and i would like to see him on the field more often.
Im with you on wanting a safety that can control the box. I love a safety that can blitz too. Teams are shying away from these guys though. Its seems to me teams, all things being even, that the coverage guy gets the job, even at the traditional SS spot.

Carter has the ability to play in the box imo. He also showed flashes in coverage his rookie year. Im exited to see what he does in TC. I know many here arent thrilled about the guy, and for a lot of legit reasons, but I think he can be the punishing SS who a lot of us want. We'll see.

Bruton stands no chance imo. Every time Ive seen him play, hes done really poor in coverage. And you guys are right, his hips are just god aweful. Hes like a poor mans Taylor Mays.
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