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Lots of people here attack sources like the NYT when it doesn't fit the narrative of their cocooned right wing reality. You are one of the main offenders here of attacking the source of news and opinions you don't like, so you should be quite familiar with it. I think it's fair for me to point out how funny it is when y'all jump to post articles from those terrible sources when they fit your agenda. Nowhere did I say the story was bad or false or untrustworthy. Only that it's funny seeing one of the righties jumping all over it. Like hungry dogs to table scraps.
It's clear you don't understand the nature of bias. It's not generally about terrible vs great. It's about agendas and focus.

Anyway, sources who normally share your view are joining the bipartisan chorus while you bury your head in the sand. It only serves to illustrate how completely at the margins you are with your excusemaking and denialism.

If someone used right-leaning sources, you'd discredit them. So they use your 'gold standard' sources, so you say "How dare you!" In essence, you're really just locking yourself in a dark closet and plugging your ears.
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