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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Obama could sprout horns and you would say yeah but Bush was a draft dodger! HAHA! Your hope and change president is crap and you know it. Wait until Obamacare kicks in and the economy takes the last **** of Obamas term. People will be as sick of him as they were carter by the time he goes.
That's not the point. You've missed it, as always.

The point is that you're right. In terms of how he goes about getting things done, transparency and foreign policy, he's not much different than anyone we've seen over the past 50 years. That means your claim that he is somehow the worst president ever needs to show that he's done some really bad stuff for which there is no precedent.

There is precedent for ALL the items you listed. That means Obama is just more of the same, not the worst president ever. My inclusion of Bush into the argument is to show that not only was there precedent for all the items you listed, but there was precedent for all the items you listed JUST from the last administration alone!

So why the outrage? I was under the impression that you all knew that the hope and change mantra was BS. If there's no surprise, if there's a history of overreach that doesn't start with the Obama presidency, if there is no proof the Obama administration is doing anything illegal AND hasn't been done before...I ask again...why so much outrage and overexaggeration?

Because. He's a Democrat.

To put it another, simpler way that maybe you can is it possible for someone to be simultaneously "more of the same" and "the worst ever?"

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