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Left, right, liberal or conservative it don't matter.

Truth matters and facts matters.................

If a republican has a better idea I'll vote for him or her but that hasn't been the case for years.

Republican party screwed up our economy with stupid wars that you conspiracy idiots should be all over and tax breaks for the rich at same time we were blowing our load overseas unnecessarily.

Then the housing bubble and wall streeet fiasco under BUSH.............

Complete and udder lies and misdirection by republican administration.

If you want to look for issues there they are, factual and on record.

No need to make anything up.

Then the ****ing republicans block every jobs bill and anything to help fix the mess they themselves created...................un ****ing believable.

Hell they even block his nominees and take three times longer to even get a vote for the nominees.

What does it take for you republican voting fools to see the obstruction of these idiots that you helped put in power.

We need to fix things and have reasonable, factual based conversations with compromise , not blocking everyhting he wants because they hate him and he kicked their ass ( although that wasn't much considering Romney) and aw yes the big one...he is BLACK.
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