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Originally Posted by vancejohnson82 View Post
Dating Tips for Next Time:

1) Make fun of her incessantly. Call her names like, "MuffHammer" and "Giggleboobies"....women love this type of attention.

2) Show up hammered, maybe even high on will help relax you

3) Text, play Bug Village or whatever other phone game you have the whole time...if she asks what you're doing say, "Goddamnit! Stay out of my business!" This will intrigue her

4) When the waiter comes tell him/her that you aren't hungry because you have bubbleguts...when the food comes, eat with your hands off of her plate

5) Immediately head to the bathroom and say, "Gotta go drop the Cosby kids off at the pool."...pick up a cocktail shrimp off of another table and pretend its your pepe

6) Leave
I wanna party with you.
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