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Bey Bey Thomas

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Pshaw! He's perfect for someone RIGHT NOW!

Gentlemen, as a former virgin, I can honestly tell you it can be harder to NOT have sex than to have sex. Here are the things working in your favor:

1. Women have low self esteem. I don't mean kind of low, I mean incredibly low. Like they spend night's worrying if anyone will ever love them. Even the most confident, put together women will stare at themselves in the mirror and go over all the things about their bodies they hate. They'll starve themselves and run on treadmills, look amazing, and still hate themselves. (Spoiler alert for marriage) It is impossible for a woman to ever be satisfied. Accepting and using that is part of the trick.

How it can help you: Since every woman has low self esteem, this gives them two weaknesses in your favor! First, she will be susceptible to things that improve her self esteem. For co-dependents, this means just having a dick. For others, it will mean you need to flatter her. Second, She will settle for you - especially if she's feeling lonely or vulnerable. The successful male slut isn't the hottest guy, he's the most relentless one. And many women stay with ugly, stupid horrible men purely out of fear of being alone. Use this!

2. Women like confidence - even fake confidence. This probably related to number 1. It may be an envy thing. Careful though; There's a fine line between cocky and confident. A good way to go to the latter is just don't stop asking. Ever. Accept that all women will say no to you and just keep asking. Embrace the inevitable rejection and it becomes a harmless game. If you're really cool about getting shot down. Even making a joke and smiling about it, you can even get them to second guess sometimes. In fact the very fact that you don't care if she says no - that you are ok with it, will make her want your penis something fierce. One of the things that will keep you in her head all week is if you are not upset about not being with you. This will drive her crazy. So ask and ask and ask. If she stops dating you. Thanks her politely, tell her how wonderful it was and then be as happy as possible by asking someone else out. She'll be back.

3. Women want what they can't have. The ultimate zen is to be available and yet really unavailable. This is a great way to get laid. If you're playing Dishonored on your 360 and she calls for no specific reason you can think of, don't answer it. You can call her back later. Don't text her all the time. Don't let yourself be available to date every night. Have a night picked out and when she's not there, use that time for something you can enjoy. Maybe even another date! If you're dating someone else it makes you more desirable. Women want what other women want. Also, tell her no. I can't tell you the number of women who wanted me once I told them we couldn't have sex. In fact you may want to use that. Say you've been saving yourself. The panties will fly off.

Hopefully these major personality defect found in 95% of women can be exploited to help you bury to hot dog. Fair winds, my friend.

Heh I was trying to help him improve his life beyond just banging a bunch of women, but hell if that's all he wants to do, by all means he should follow your advice.

Why not just link to a bunch of PUA forums while you're at it?
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