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If you only read and pay attention to one post on this thread, make it this one.

No need for the cracker jack box wisdom trying to be passed on by other good hearted individuals're in a special situation that calls for immediate attention. You're far past the point of following their tips/advice.

If I were 41 years old, I'd definitely seek professional help as at this point it's got to be a mental roadblock.

I'll ask a serious question....are you afraid of p***Y?

When I mean professional, I don't mean a shrink or therapist, I'm talking about going to your local chop shop aka massage parlor and letting them take care of you.

Go in the first time and get yourself a nice naked massage and a hand job to get yourself used to a little physical contact.

Go in the next time and get yourself a nice naked massage and blow job.

Go on the next time and get yourself a nice naked massage and get laid.

Probably looking at $100 for the massage/hand job, $140 for the massage/suck, and $160 to $180 for massage/sex.

Probably be the best $400 to $500 you'll ever spend....considering your situation, I know it will be the best money you'll ever spend.

BTW....outside of religious beliefs/physical defection, how on earth have you gone 41 years without getting any p***Y?

I'm 41 years old and am fairly certain that I would have actually tripped and fallen is some p***Y by now if I hadn't gotten any on my own.

You really do just need to plop down some do re mi and let a professional pop that cherry.

You're probably beyond the point of caring for a 'special' experience (don't buy that BS anyway) and simply want to stop the insanity.

It's got to be a mental mind**** by now....go do what I tell you, do it now, and do it quickly.

Don't let p***Y intimidate was put there on earth for us to bang.

I leave you with some wise words of wisdom from those legendary philosophers, the 2 Live Crew: "p***Y ain't nuttin' but meat on the bone Suck it or **** it or leave it alone!"

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