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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
See that's the comedy. You talked about Prosecuting and impeaching the last President and now want to clean things up with a "Hey, I admit. This is mildly disappointing.".

There were plenty of Conservatives who were "mildly disappointed" with Bush as well. Now, the best you can say is that after all the war criminal impeachment hyperbole it turns out you guys aren't any better than those you used to accuse.

Anyway the sad part is both teams will continue to push each other down this same road until our undoing. The government doesn't need our phone records. Or our political preferences or our health information. Its time for a new wall of separation between the law abiding citizen and his government (overlords)
Mildly disappointed. If you only knew. If there is an investigation which points to crimes committed by the President or anyone in his administration, by all means, prosecute.

The problem is, even liberals are calling for an investigation (do a post history search if you don't believe me). Now, not only was there no call for an investigation for the Bush administration, when we've brought it investigation!...we've gotten laughed at, by you and several other "non-partisan conservatives".

Keep bemoaning the state of the government. You and all your Republican (ahem, excuse me, "conservative") friends are just as responsible for it as anyone else. Sure, some of us may have fallen for the "no more business as usual" line hook, line and sinker. The other choices supported economic policies which have proven to be failures and foreign policies which place us in a position to be involved in perpetual conventional war, both of which are abjectly "business as usual". Forgive us for voting for the guy where there was at least a shot at change.

And here's a news flash...the very term "business as usual" requires there to be a "usual"...and since I don't believe Clinton was the President who enacted the Patriot Act...bringing up Bush is relevant.
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