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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
seek professional help.


TBH you have way too many problems for you to be dating right now.

Get a psychiatrist or a therapist, maybe you can get them to prescribe you some antidepressants. (they've worked pretty well for me)

Read some self help books, join a gym, do yoga, etc. Basically any activity to help you feel better about yourself and that would help you lose weight.

You need to stop with the self pity and whining, it's off putting to anyone, especially women.

They're attracted to confident, self-assured, and assertive men. All of the things of which you are not apparently at the moment.

You also need to realize that YOU and yourself alone are only reason why you're in this situation. Not women, not circumstance, or anything else. For whatever reason you chose not to make the changes necessary to attract women or address what other problems you're having.

You and only you have the most power over your life, no one else is going to make the changes for you.

Be a man, take personal responsibility, and start taking control of your life. Stay away from the pity, work hard on yourself, and with a little bit of luck and confidence, you'll be pulling in women easily.
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