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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post

Rah Rah Ree It's OK Cuz He's a D!
Rah Rah Roo So? Bush_Hitler did it too!

Except none of us (except maybe peace) are really defending him. We've all said we have been disappointed by Obama's performance as a business as usual politician.

The point you're missing is that you, the one who is claiming that we'll do anything to protect Obama because he's a Democrat, laughed when people talked about prosecuting the previous administration. Yet here you are, banging that Republican drum (even though you claim to be "independent").

Ah, whatever, this is like the sixth time your hypocrisy has been outed. You don't care, you just keep spouting it off.

The only defense you have is that you weren't here during the Bush years, so none of us can go back and quote all the stupid partisan **** you would have said when his regime was doing the same thing.
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