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Trey Gowdy

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
So why even point out "it's not his fault?"

No quite the opposite. We've read stuff like this before. Some player is a camp standout and then does nothing when the real bullets are flying. That's why everyone is ripping on this stuff. It means nothing. For whatever reason, a lot of things have been written about Thomas in the preseason and collectively everyone rolled their eyes. Then you latched onto someone's obviously hyperbolic comment as some kind of challenge to your personal freedoms. "100 articles EXACTLY!?!?! SHOW ME ALL 100 or shame on your family for a 1000 years!"

The point that everyone got, but was clearly over your head was that there are many articles written about players who do well in the preseason - and most don't amount to much if anything once the regular season roles around. And several have been written about Thomas already and he has to this date not done much. So the skepticism is deserved.

For your assistance in understanding the subtle nuances of sarcasm and English- not just in this thread, but in life in general - the words "several" and "many" can, through hyperbole, be synonymous with the following:
loads and loads
a boat load

Again, these are figurative expressions that only truly mean more than a few. I would say four plus qualifies. Certainly seven does.

Hope that clarifies.
This post is literally the dumbest thing I have ever read. A metric f--k ton of fail so spectacular that it traveled back in time and invented New Coke.
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