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You guys are crazy if a repub kept throwing up super controversial appointees i would think it foolish. The only reason you do it is to gum up the works and create drama, or to pay someone back for something you don't want them to write a book about or give an interview.

Both of these ladies have a lot of Obama baggage IMO.

All we are doing is pointing out what BS it was when you all preached how Obama would be different. The going after reporters, using the IRS as an attack dog, Benghazzi lies would be a huge problem for all of you if it happened under Bush. If Cheney had changed talking points you all would have a huge problem with it. If any repub ever said maybe we should send troops in to stop Israel and the Palestinians from fighting like Powers did I would not support them for the UN. Also her continuing of the Obama apology Mantra not something I am looking forward to in the joke of the UN.
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