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Moores tackling definitely jumped out to me last season along with his quickness. He also showed flashes of delivering punishing hits. Hes a good, young player whos only going to get better imo.

Last season, from what I watched, Moore wasnt given many opportunities to become a game changer in the passing game. Teams, the vast majority of times, didnt attack the Broncos down field (and really, why would they). The Baltimore game was a hiccup for the entire defense, not just the secondary, so I dont put much weight into that game.

This season, I think Moore will be asked to cover one on one more instead of sitting way back in a cover one most of the time. I think the Broncos play more zone this year, especially if Miller shows growth there (to combat double teams). Del Rio has always been conservative in his play calling, but with all the weapons on the defense, and in particular the secondary, I dont think he will play man to man across the board on passing down as much as last season, even though thats their strength. That could really help out Moore and give him an chance to show his ball hawking ability he had in college.
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