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This is not an excuse for Moore. The point is, the team as a whole was not able to overcome the team's mistakes as a whole.
This is where we have a different point of view. I believe the team did overcome their mistakes with a fantastic drive that started on their own 12 yard line in the 4th. They drove it right down the ravens defenses throat. They had no answer for manning. The offense was spectacular on that drive, taking the lead. Then the defense responded and mike Adams knocked Flaccos desperate 4th down pass to the ground with minimal time to go. Those 2 scenarios in itself shows me they took control of the destiny of the game. A recipe for overcoming a bad game and winning it. Those overcoming moments were lost on one play. Where you see a team flailing all game i see a team putting it together when it meant the most and overcoming adversity. I guess were just going to have to disagree on it.

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