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Louis Wright
Default A recurring theme

Can't remember the year, but early in the history of PCs Time Mag declared the Man of the Year to be - yep - the PC.

Now most of their reasoning was based on the PC EVENTUALLY changing the future, but there was enormous hubub and expectations for the PC went sky high. Surprise surprise, the PC did not meet many - maybe even most - of the expectations early on. Pretty soon the common knowledge became that they were overblown, and would only play a role in some specific work areas.

Quietly the PC got better and better. Then one day everyone had one and they were better than the original projections.

Yes there was a fair amount of ink on JT in OTAs year 1. And most at least tried to temper it with the reality that he was a project - just a very exciting one.

Since that time the fans have gone through the disappointment of him not meeting those expectations already (ignoring the developmental and injury issues). And like the PC, they now declare him an over-hyped flash in the pan.

Fast forward a couple years, and again he looks good, but the fans have been fooled once, and don't want to be fooled again.

Look, we won't know if JT is the real thing until training camp. But there are not really any indications that he isn't. We knew he would need development and the injuries have only exacerbated the delay.

I worry that he may be injury prone. Except for that I am very optimistic.
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