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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Its not how you start it's how you finish. The entire 2011 season proves that. Ok I'm done here. Where's the gong show boing when you need it.

It's basic knowledge that a 1st and 4th quarter lead are 2 totally different things.

The 35-28 lead exists with champs **** ups. It does not exist with moores play. Several things led up to Moore being put in position to make his play and protect the lead. Being put in that position what happened.
The lead existed after Champs dick ups and Manning's **** ups because the team overcame them. They still contributed to the final score equally.

The difference is the team was not able to overcome Moore's mistake. It was still a 7 point swing just as Manning's pick-6 was and just as each TD champ gave up was.

This is not an excuse for Moore. The point is, the team as a whole was not able to overcome the team's mistakes as a whole.
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