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The way you contort yourself in order to be a Champ apologist is sad.
I don't even like champ that much. The way you ignore the fact we lost the lead in the 4th on one play is sad.

If champ didnt have those gaffes would it have been easier? Would moore have been put in that position? Would they be up multiple scores? Maybe on all 3 questions. Then again ravens could've scored 50 points. That's all hypothetical. Reality and the factual events of the game did put Moore in that position and as a pro I expect a player to know what to do.

Again nowhere am I saying Moore lost the game. Simply stating that having a lead late in the 4th before the play started, then having the score tied after that play ends = losing the ****ing lead. It's common sense when looking at numbers. 35-28 means lead. 35-35 means no lead. It's hilarious you actually think a 1st quarter lead is the same thing as a 4th quarter lead. It ain't how you start it's how you finish.
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