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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
That was an extremely limp swing and miss at the ball. I figured this crowd is smart enough to know the difference between a 1st quarter lead and a late 4th quarter lead.

Are you actually saying a 1st quarter lead is the same thing as a late 4th quarter lead?
Ah i see, move the goal posts. Points count equally in the 1st as they do in the 4th you dolt. You see, in a game, both teams accumulate points throughout the entirety of the game. Any points given up in the first, second, or third quarters diminish a lead or extend a deficit just as they do in the 4th.

If champ doesn't give up the lead in 1st, Moore probably doesn't have the opportunity to give up the lead in the 4th. Both plays contributed to the loss of the GAME and the LEAD.
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