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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Obushma View Post
Of course, you're wrong, as usual.

Did anyone even bother to look at the garbage blog Ro linked? It's a blog, some sh*t for brains liberal blog, the guy doesnt know sh*t from shinola.

Harvested once a year? Only the bark can be used in paper production? This guy is a regular Hurst ass kisser.

1 acre of trees can take anywhere from 50 to 500 years to grow enough to be used for paper. 1 acre of hemp can be cultivated within 100 days. 1 acre of hemp produces fiber pulp equal to 4 acres of trees. Hemp paper can be recycled up to three times more then regular wood paper. Hemp is harvested and transported like corn, which is a lot cheaper then wood.

BTW, wood is not bleached w/ hydrogen peroxide like hemp.
Damn! They still haven't found the blend of medications that works best for you? That's a shame.

The truth is that finding an unbiased, legitimate site regarding hemp is about as easy as finding an unbiased study of Roswell. That was about as close as I could come.

BTW, Hurst [sic] has been dead for over sixty years. I doubt he is still much interested in keeping hemp down.
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