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I agree that not all who play basketball can make the transition to the NFL....I never said otherwise.

You however said basketball players aren't tough enough to play in the NFL.....I gave you just 5-6 of those who in fact did (for brevity's sake)...but we can also add in these guys who played college basketball but decided to pursue football for whatever reason (HoF like Tony Gonzalez will be)

Otto Graham
Jim Brown
Evan Moore
Terry Baker
Cris Carter
Dave Logan
Ronald Curry
Todd Bouman
Justin Gage
Terrelle Pryor
Connor Barwin
Martellus Bennett
Murphy Holloway
Demetrius Harris
Jordan Cameron
Demar Dotson
Julius Thomas

There are many people who played other sports that became NFL players....Dave Winfield was drafted by NBA, MLB, and NFL teams.

Dude, I said "Most basketball players are not tough enough ot play football."

Ok, dip****. MOST. Reading comprehension is underrated.
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