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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
gunwalking was started 2006 but the ATF didn't allow the guns to leave country. The ATF would intercept them first. The Fast and Furious situation was much different in that it was no longer run by the field agents of the ATF but consolidated directly under Eric Holder and his office. It was combined with other federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and it was all directly run through the US Attorney General's office. Yet Eric Holder denies knowing about it. The F&F operation allowed a huge number of arms to be purchased and leave the country whereas this was not the way the operation was intended to run initially. These arms, which left the country, were used in many crimes throughout Mexico and crimes in the US too. This was all done under the Attorney General's direct control, yet Holder claims he didn't know about it? Yet his office basically redesigned the entire operation and took it out of the ATF's control. But Eric Holder claims he didn't know this?

Yep that gun walking worked perfectly under Bush but when the black guy took office it went to chit..............

How many times have that dumbass Darrell ISSA had hearings on this ?

What exactly did he find.............

Just drop it, you lost this a long time ago.
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