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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Don't forget about the ATF fiasco operation Fast and Furious where Eric Holder and his ATF bozos sold arms to the Mexican drug cartels in some cockamanny scheme to trace arms. This in and of itself is highly questionable and probably illegal activity by Eric Holder. Then, those same illegal arms were used to kill a US agent! But wait, it gets better! Gun laws, that is, more restrictions on the 2nd amendment were inacted because of this huge screwup by BO's thugs! So guess what! The American Citizen just got penalized for BO and Eric's little gun running scheme!!

Great work BO!! Thanks Eric Holder!! Bonus points for you guys, amirite!?!

BS, Bush started that fiasco and nothing was ever linked to Holder or Obama.................

QUIT MAKING UP YOUR BS...................
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