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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Nobody is pulling the idea that he was hyped up out of the air either. It shouldn't come as a surprise that someone with his physical ability and measurables would be utilized in that fashion. The comparison(s) of Thomas to Gates and other tight ends with the potential of being great comes from the foundational link to backgrounds in basketball.

There has been high praise for his camp performances over the past several seasons, but there has not been any production due to lingering issues with injuries. As I have said before, I wish him the best and hope he can become a part of this offense that can create mismatches in certain situations. I would love for him or Green (or even Reed) to step up as youngsters and solidify the position moving forward for when Manning is no longer around.

At the same time, I am more realistic in my approach to the situation and do not have high expectations for a guy whose career contributions on the field are one catch for gain of five yards. My expectations were never high to begin with because I abhored the selection.
This is fair. But managing expectations and being skeptical is different from being annoyed by the press and claiming BUST (and then "cleverly" comparing him to other Bronco "busts").
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