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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Swedish Extrovert View Post
You're absolutely right.

I'm on week three of a Trek binge. Saw bot the new films after watching season 1 of TOS and I'm now 13 episodes in to TNG.

I bought the entire TOS series for my dad for fathers day (he's a physicist), and we've been making our way through it.

I've been missing out... truly an amazing series.
Thanks for bumping this one nerdo.

You are almost at the bonus episode where the Captain meets up with a blue chick but Spock comes in and starts talking all technical about the Enterprise being ready to explode and they better get beamed up. It was a false alarm and Captain could have totally helped out his Skittles collection of adding a blue chick to his belt but ...well Smurf, you understand where I am going with this and I would hate to ruin it for you (or bring up bad memories).
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