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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
I don't want to discredit the findings because they do hold some merit with regards to the GOP, but College students are often pretty wet behind the ears, live in a fantasy world, and really have yet been asked to produce anything of actual substance.... many kids priorities change when they start earnign goood money, get married and have children... I know mine did.

also the survey states that these students are concerned with wasteful spending and debt.... but they also think taxes should be higher... what other way for historically wasteful spender like the govenment to spend more than higher taxes? Once they at 90% with the Rich, who do they come after next.... its only a matter of time.
The social views of the millennials (which I am a part of) are likely not to change. Things will always keep progressing on that end. There is no turn around from that sort of thing. This generation is diverse and understands that the world is more global than ever. I think that we are eager to attempt to fix the problems that the current holders of the torch cannot.

Fiscal and economic policy might be a different story, but I think most realize that getting this nation out of debt will take more than just spending cuts. There has to be an increase in revenue somewhere and obviously that is taxes, but what we truly need is a reformed tax code. None of this flat/fair tax jargon, something actually legitimate. Something simplified. Something where the most wealthy cannot continue to abuse the system and get away with hiding millions or generating their worth by means subject to less tax than what their effective FIT rate should be. It really isn't hard for anyone with a lick of sense to look at the federal budget and our nations spending and realize where the waste is and how ______ up our priorities are.

I really hope my generation can change things for the better.
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