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The Plame Nuts are gonna have a super fun time with this one:

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta revealed the name of the Navy SEAL unit that carried out the Osama bin Laden raid and named the unit’s ground commander at a 2011 ceremony attended by “Zero Dark Thirty” filmmaker Mark Boal, according to a draft Pentagon inspector general’s report obtained by a watchdog group.

Panetta also disclosed classified information designated as “top secret” and “secret” during his presentation at the CIA awards ceremony, says the draft IG report published Wednesday by the Project on Government Oversight.
No word yet on if Holder tried to prosecute Leon or at least read all his emails and phone logs.

It would be almost funny if it weren't for the fact that (unlike Plame) the Seal commander involved in the Bin Laden raid will be a walking target for the rest of his life. But Hey, when the Obama admin needs a neat pre-election propaganda flick, there's no such thing as 'classified'

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