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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
I think I'm going to resist the natural urge to facepalm and instead just see what happens. The sheer odds say that sooner or later, one of these years, one of the camp phenoms is gonna continue it in the regular season.
We've had some camp phenoms that really did emerge as good or at least decent: Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler, Wesley Woodyard, Elvis Dumervil, Derek Wolfe, Chris Harris and Tony Carter all really had good camps and then became good players.

This year put me down for Malik Jackson, who had a really good camp last year and flashed in preseason. If he's continued to progress like I hope, he may be the real deal.

Julius Thomas only played ball for one year so it's possible it's just taken him this long to put it all together. We shall see.
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