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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
no problem bro, I care about you so much I'll just hop on over to The Internet for the next two hours. brb

that's code for "kill yourself," by the way

I think you should probably be picking up from the rest of the posts in this thread that fluff pieces on OJ aren't exactly a new trend
So you can't prove that there have been hundreds of these kind of pieces about Thomas in the news.....

But don't worry, I researched it......a simple google search shows that most written about Julius Thomas have been done so over the past 24-36 hours and are the same exact article posted in this thread, although some have changed the title of the headline.

I found one or two that were written about a week ago saying he'll get a chance to show what he can do due to Dreesen having knee scoped, and a couple more talking about his uphill battle to crack the starting lineup due to the two vets who play in front of him and his lack of football experience, etc.

Hardly the "hundreds" you claimed were written over his career.

Just so you, one fluff piece regurgitated by 100 news media outlets doesn't mean there have been 100 different fluff pieces's one solitary story.
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