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Give or take a game or two that sounds about right. Chiefs will improve just enough to continue full steam ahead with the Alex Smith game-manager plan for the next several years. This will ensure a steady stream of 7-9 ish seasons until Charles gets broken and your young players aren't so young anymore. Bad enough to miss the playoffs, but not bad enough to draft a franchise QB. My bad, like you guys would ever draft a QB to develop. Then the wheels will fall off of the Camaro again (around 2017 or so) you'll have another 2 win season to look forward to and the cycle will start over again. Who will be the new game manager QB you guys trade for next time? Smart money is on 2017 Matt Barkley.

Hunt family keeps on taking that season ticket money from the rubes.
This regime is not like the last 2 at all. King Carl publicly stated he didn't like drafting 1st round QB's. It was a known. Pioli didn't either, as he would rather have tried to strike gold again in the later rounds because he thought he was smarter than everyone.

Reid and Dorsey drafted a 1st round QB in Philly and GB. I believe they would have drafted a QB in the first round this year, but like the rest of the NFL (save Buffalo) they didn't see a 1st round QB worth the pick.

Basically, they aren't scared like King Carl and Pioli were.

Alex Smith is the QB right now, but make no mistake, if he doesn't perform he's going to be replaced. That what I like about Reid. He isn't handing a contract extension to Alex Smith without him proving he deserves it.
That was a frustrating mistake Pioli made.

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