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I don't see the Chiefs having a top 10 draft pick. I think we'll be somewhere in the 14-18 range honestly.

The biggest problem on the field for us last year was execution and that comes from the coaching staff and QB executing it.
Reid was by far the best coach to get to come in here and get this offense to run properly. I can't think of any other coach we could have nabbed that could do as good of a job as him.

Alex Smith is not an elite QB, but he has been very efficient. He doesn't turn the ball over, which killed us last year.

Then the schedule comes into favor. Imagine if the Broncos played 5 of their 7 hardest opponents at home and fore one of the 2 road games, they got a bye week before playing the hardest team on their schedule on the road?

This is just my opinion, but I think this is what the division will look like this year.

Broncos 12-4
Chiefs 8-8
Chargers 6-10
Raiders 3-13
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