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Wow you are one stupid mother****er. Rahim Moore?!

Berry came off a torn ACL. Even in OTA's right now his knee has still caused a few minor problems.

I'd say all of those players but Houston would start on your defense. And the only reason Houston isn't starting is because of Von.

Tamba>Ayers -he can line up in the 4-3 again and still be better than him
Berry>Any of your safeties
DJ>Whoever your ILB is
I'd take Berry, Houston and Derrick Johnson in a heartbeat. KC's positional strengths happen to coincide with Denver's weaknesses. Manning tore up the defense at the end of last year and will do it again this year...KC doesn't have the DBs to cut it.

Also, Alex smith is terrible, especially in the red zone. Better hope Charles stays healthy all year...he's all they've got.
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