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Von Miller

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Wow you are one stupid mother****er. Rahim Moore?!

Berry came off a torn ACL. Even in OTA's right now his knee has still caused a few minor problems.

I'd say all of those players but Houston would start on your defense. And the only reason Houston isn't starting is because of Von.

Tamba>Ayers -he can line up in the 4-3 again and still be better than him
Berry>Any of your safeties
DJ>Whoever your ILB is
Don't be a chode about it. Isn't Flowers your #1 CB? DRC is our #2.

Also, our defense gets to play with a lead (I know, KC doesn't get that, but it needs to be considered), so I'll take our depth at CB over your -one- CB.
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